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Whats a good age to learn to play Guitar or Piano?‚Äč

Depending on the child it can vary. Piano is an instrument that can be introduced generally at a younger age compared with guitar mostly due to the physical nature of playing guitar and hand size. A general rule of thumb is piano can be taught at age 4 or 5 and guitar at age 7 or 8.  Piano is a wonderful foundation for music no matter what instrument a child wants to learn.

Do You Rent Instruments?

Yes - Have several keyboards and guitars that I rent out to students

Do you hold Recitals?

Yes - I hold two recitals per year. Students are encouraged to participate. These are at no additional cost.

Do you teach other instruments?

I have xylophones, recorders,  ukeleles, a miramba,  assorted drums in the home studio which help us learn music but focus on teaching Piano and Guitar. 

Tell me about your studio?

I have a home studio that features 4 keyboards an acoustic piano and various guitars both electric and acoustic. I have a waiting area that parents can wait for their children and watch them in the lesson.

What method books do you use?

For Piano depending on age I use Piano Pronto and Alfred's Books. For Guitar I use Hal Leonard methods I also use Music Express which has a variety of different music for both instruments.  Students can borrow books ( Or Ill send a pdf) while I order your supplies. Also as a student of mine you will get a free subscription to Piano Maestro which is a web based system that uses an iPad. This is valued at ten dollars per month.

Do you have a sibling discount or home schoolers discount?

I offer 10% off as a sibling rate for family members. If you are a homeschooler I can see if I can offer a discounted rate if its during school class time when I may be open.

If You have any Questions feel free to call or text me at 609-665-0567

 Lets make Music! 


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