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Me, my wife Ellen and my son Dominic and daughter Sophia 

Teaching Elementary music before a recital 

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A little bit about me... My Name is Joe Fertsch, I am a husband, a father of two, and have taught public school music for years.

I want to help you or your children appreciate how playing and creating music is so enriching in ones life. Playing and studying music has proven consistently to help us focus, it helps us relax, helps us express, we become better students/ spouses.. and well, its just fun..and its something we can do our whole lives. 

I have more than 30 years of experience in playing and teaching guitar and piano.  I have my B.A. degree in Music from Temple University in Philadelphia.  I have my teaching degree from Rowan University.

I have started other music studios including Blue Note Music in Pittsburgh , Pa and Shore Music in Ocean City, New Jersey. I also do my best to keep up with today's music so I can match whatever style you want to play. 

I am a certified licensed public school music teacher in the states of Florida and New Jersey.   I provide instruction to students of all ages, and love to start people of all ages on their musical journey.    

Whether you want to form a group and take lessons together or learn privately I can and will help you.  

Students are encouraged to read staff and tab music for guitar. For piano I both teach the newer pop method where we use more chords for todays popular songs along traditional method book teachings using a variety of teaching systems.  I also integrate Ipad technology to keep students motivated. You tell me your goals its my job to meet them. 


For Lesson times available or text/ call 904-990-6611