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​​Private Piano or Guitar Lessons

You’re looking for a piano or guitar teacher – that’s great! That means you have a child at home that’s interested in music and you want to encourage that interest while it’s still hot. Congratulations on making an excellent decision.
Like most parents new to  lessons, you want to make sure your child is getting the best musical education possible. You want a teacher that can help you help your child at home for the six days between lessons. You want a teacher that loves teaching and understands the needs of your family. Piano or guitar  is probably not the only activity your child participates in so you also need a teacher who gets that, sometimes, we just don’t have time left over in the day for practice.

So far, you have probably called a few studio, found out their rates and availability and maybe even had a conversation with the teacher. You may have hears about all the different materials they use, the festivals the kids participate in (which add another “something” onto the family calendar) and their rigid practice schedules. They may have also told you about their performance credits which would really impressive but don’t mean too much to you. They’ve told you everyhintg you need to know about them … but they haven’t told you how they will teach your child to love music.

Imagine if your child begged you to practice “just 5 more minutes” before going to play video games. Wouldn’t it be great if when family and friends came to visit your child ran to the piano to play the song they wrote in their piano lesson last week? And how satisfying would it be to hear your child say, “Sorry, I can’t come over this afternoon. I get to go to piano lessons today.” This is the piano lesson experience we dream of: not just playing the piano, but loving music.

At World Golf Music, in our weekly, 30-minute long lessons:

Your child learns music theory as it relates to the current song they are playing, not from some random workbook.
Your child is encouraged to learn their music through setting daily goals, not by counting minutes on the clock.
Your child plays music they love. We keep the song styles flowing so it’s a never ending surprise.
Your child writes their own music and explores through improvisation, making them an active participant in the creative process
We take our music learning off the bench to get interactive with our songs, music theory and ear training.
We understand that life sometimes gets in the way.
We know you’re busy so we give you an online studio account where you never have to worry about forgetting a check or play phone tag to cancel or reschedule a lesson.
The goal over EVERY SINGLE LESSON is to instill a feeling of success in every child.

Contact us to reserve a time that works for you 609-665-0567